VPI Violence Prevention Institute

Knowledge is one of the most important components of a comprehensive and effective workplace violence prevention program. This knowledge should include where your company or organization may be at risk for potential violence, the major types of workplace violence incidents occurring within your organization, and an assessment of the effectiveness of your response to the problem of workplace violence. Violence Prevention International has developed the tools to help you obtain this needed knowledge. These tools include the Hazard Assessment Audit and the Employee Safety and Security Survey.

The Hazard Assessment Audit consists of a series of questions designed to assess and evaluate your companyís or organizationís vulnerability to workplace violence. The audit assesses important security elements utilizing quantitative and qualitative criteria. The Audit was developed by Violence Prevention International using a team of workplace violence prevention experts with multidisciplinary backgrounds. The Audit involves gathering data from employees, customers, vendors and others with regard to the numerous activities and processes that take place within your company or organization. The data is then analyzed and specific action oriented recommendations are developed to help reduce your exposure to potential violence.

The Employee Safety and Security Survey is designed to determine the effectiveness of your workplace violence prevention program. This is accomplished by measuring the extent to which employees are aware of your companyís or organizationís workplace violence prevention initiative, and obtaining data on the incidence of the different types of workplace violence being experienced by your employees.

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