VPI Violence Prevention Institute

Violence Prevention International offers consultation services to assess potential for violence and to assist organizations in developing action plans to deal with potentially volatile situations. Threat assessment consultation services provide your organization with access to an experienced professional who can assist you in working towards a timely and favorable response to a difficult situation.
In circumstances in which an unforeseen potential threat materializes, the emergence of a potentially dangerous situation demands that management have timely access to qualified guidance. Attempting to deal with a dynamically changing situation involving a distraught and possibly dangerous individual requires the availability of specialized professionals with the training and expertise to assess the level of threat and help develop an effective response plan.

The assessment process involves timely evaluation of individuals who have been identified as posing a potential threat to the workplace. The goal of the assessment process is to provide the management of your organization with options for an action plan upon which decisions can be based. The experts at Violence Prevention International provide your management with experience, skills, and resources not typically present in most organizations.

Reducing the incidence of workplace violence requires an immediate and systematic response to rapidly unfolding
events. With 24 hours a day, 7 days a week consultation services available, your organization has the ability to respond quickly and gain access to valuable information from a workplace violence specialist. The benefits of threat assessment services are:
  • Professional appraisal and risk assessment
  • Support at the most crucial time as events unfold
  • Available when you need help: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Assistance in developing an effective incident response action plan

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