VPI Violence Prevention Institute

The majority of workplace violence incidents can be prevented with proper planning and response. All too often the warning signs of impending violence are dismissed. Sometimes, untrained staff and management ignore the warning signs, hoping that the problem will go away. This can lead to emotional distress, serious injury, death, and financial liability.

An effective workplace violence prevention training program can give your organization the necessary tools to effectively prevent serious incidents of workplace violence. The professionals at Violence Prevention International work with your organization to develop a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program. A typical workplace violence prevention program includes the following types of trainings:
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Team Training
  • Manager/Supervisor Workplace Violence Prevention Training
  • Employee Training Workplace Violence Prevention Training
  • On-Line Training for Managers, Supervisors, and Employees
  • Managing Potentially Violent Co-workers/Customers/Clients
  • Terminating Potentially Violent Employees
  • Domestic Violence Prevention/Response Training
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Protecting Organization Assets

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