VPI Violence Prevention Institute

What if your company was next?
Have you taken the necessary steps to....
  • Comply with Fed OSHAís "General Duty Clause" that requires you to maintain a safe work environment?
  • Insure the safety and well-being of all your employees?
  • Protect your company and its executives from costly workplace violence litigation?
Without a solid and documented commitment to protecting the human and capital assets of your company, you could be placing your organization at significant risk.

Our mission at Violence Prevention International is to provide "state of the art" workplace violence prevention training and threat assessment services that will reduce your organizationís potential for incidents of violence and exposure to individual and corporate lawsuits.

Reducing the risk: VPI's products and services.

Violence Prevention International is an experienced and premier provider of:
  • Workplace violence prevention programs including the development of policies and procedures
  • Violence prevention awareness training (online and in-person) for:
      > Teams
      > Managers
      > Supervisors
      > Employees
  • Threat assessment and evaluation
  • Incident response management
  • Violence prevention audits and surveys
  • Critical incident stress debriefing
  • Expert witness consultation
The bottom line is a safe and secure workplace!

The programs and services of Violence Prevention International are designed to assist organizations in reducing the risk of violence.
Our programs have helped to:
  • Save lives
  • Decrease violent incidents
  • Lower fear and anxiety
  • Protect physical assets
  • Comply with government regulations
  • Avoid litigation involving:
      > Negligent hiring
      > Negligent training
      > Negligent retention
      > Wrongful Death

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